Nansy Phleger is an Internationally recognized artist who has won Art Awards from Maryland to California to Australia, and has recently returned to Lahaina, Maui where she lives with her Marine Biologist husband, Dr. Charles “Rick” Phleger.

     Ms. Phleger’s oil, watercolor, and mixed-media paintings reflect her diverse interests and experiences from having lived in the US, Jamaica, Peru, Mexico, New Zealand and finally Tasmania, Australia.  While fruits and flowers, seascapes and landscapes are a major interest, Ms. Phleger’s foremost love is portraiture - capturing the likeness and character of her subject in various media, from charcoal to pastels and oils.  This fascination with painting people also extends to painting their pets, whether it be a favorite dog, cat, or horse, and has often found the animals enjoy ‘modeling’ for her.

  Come visit Ms. Phleger’s Lahaina Studio to select a beautiful work of art for your home, or perhaps arrange for a sitting to have your portrait painted - a gift for yourself that will bring you pleasure for generations to come. 

Nansy Phleger 322 Front Street, Lahaina, Maui

(808) 662-8642